50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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48. George Lucas Wanted Yoda to Win An Oscar

When The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980 it was a stunning success. Not only was the film a smash hit at the box office, but it was instantly regarded as one of the best sequels ever made. Next to The Godfather Part II, many people today still hold Empire in the highest regards, honoring it with the title of the best Star Wars movie of the bunch.

George Lucas knew he had something special on his hands and he tried to go for Oscar gold. While the film itself wasn’t nominated for any major Oscars like A New Hope was, that didn’t stop Lucas from lobbying for one.

As the story goes, Lucas politicked hard to get a Supporting Actor nomination for Frank Oz following the actor’s portrayal of Yoda in Empire Strikes Back. That didn’t happen thanks to the Academy ruling that puppeteers aren’t actors, but there was indeed a campaign in play for Yoda to earn an Oscar nomination in 1981.

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