50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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5. Samuel L. Jackson Has A Pulp Fiction Quote Engraved on Lightsaber

Perhaps the most well-known Samuel L. Jackson role is the one that put him on the map back in 1994. Up to this point he had starred in major films like Goodfellas and Jurassic Park, but only in minor supporting roles where he’s largely unseen for most of the movie.

But Pulp Fiction was a breakout role for Jackson and his style of bombastic acting. It also refined how we use the term “bad mother f–ker.” It’s a vulgar catchphrase that has followed Jackson his entire career, and the Quentin Tarantino classic is a film he’s not forgotten.

The legend is that Jackson had “Bad Mother F–ker” engraved on the side of his lightsaber hilt for the two movies that he uses it in. Another fun fact is that Jackson was the one who suggested he have a purple lightsaber so he could spot himself easier in big fight scenes.

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