50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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1. Original Return Of The Jedi Ending Had Luke Turning To The Dark Side

This is a bit of a controversial one, as many Star Wars fans refuse to accept the idea that Luke Skywalker almost turned to the dark side at the end of Return of the Jedi. That was the original plan though, as screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas came up with the idea that at the end of the film Luke removes Vader’s mask and, instead of rescuing his father’s soul, assumes his role as the biggest badass in the galaxy.

It’s worth mentioning that it was George Lucas who eventually rejected this idea in favor of the ending we saw.

But Kasdan is the screenwriter on The Force Awakens, and rumors that Luke has turned to the dark side at some point between Episode VI and Episode VII could be rooted in this rejected ROTJ ending from 1983.

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