50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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46. Stanley Kubrick Delayed Production of The Empire Strikes Back

George Lucas lists Stanley Kubrick among his inspirations, but the famous director was one of the reasons that The Empire Strikes Back faced production delays. The headaches were caused by a fire that started at the studio where Kubrick was filming The Shining in 1979.

To make sure he didn’t miss his schedule, Kubrick moved into the studio where Lucas and Irvin Kershner were filming The Empire Strikes Back; however he took much longer than originally planned to complete filming.

This isn’t a huge surprise to anyone who is familiar with Kubrick, as he was a notorious perfectionist who took multiple takes to complete scenes. Such was the case with The Shining, and it led to The Empire Strikes Back having to work around his schedule to meet its May 1980 release date.

All eventually went well, but Kubrick’s perfectionist attitude had a far-reaching effect on other projects he had nothing to do with.

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