New Star Wars: Rogue One set shots – Stormtroopers take five


Production for the new Anthology movie Rogue One gets underway in London’s Elstree Studios, and judging from these new set shots we have some Stormtrooper action going on; mainly tea drinking and relaxing by the looks of it! Now we know why TK-421 wasn’t at his post.

Although there appears to be a relaxed atmosphere on set, no doubt they’re chilling between takes and taking in the moment of being a Stormtrooper in a Star Wars movie. The suits look like the armour that appears in the Original Trilogy which is good to see again, and they appear to be near the boarding ramp of a landing shuttle that’s situated on a desert/sand terrain, so we could be seeing some more action in arid dusty regions of the universe or perhaps a beach landing. Either way, it’s exciting to see these fresh shots from Rogue One, and knowing that it’s being filmed at Elstree where the Original Trilogy was shot just adds to the classic vibe of the movie.

We know that Gareth Edwards is in charge of Rogue One, and his enthusiasm for the role is widely documented. His interest in the story of the film, based between Episode’s III and IV, mainly lies with showcasing the struggles and triumphs of the early Rebellion against the Empire, without any help from the thought-to-be-deceased Jedi:

"“It comes down to a group of individuals that don’t have magical powers that have to somehow bring hope to the galaxy”"

Further noting:

"“It’s about the fact that God’s not coming to save us… The absence of the Jedi hangs over the movie.”"

We can see lots of Stormtroopers on set, including a few shots of their weapons and full armour, plus some large structures built into the sand and some orange devices that could be weapons containers. This is all speculation as the film is in such an early stage of production that we know nothing about it as of yet, although there are various rumours and reports coming in all the time, but this so far is the most conclusive evidence of production.

So far we know Felicity Jones is set for a lead role in the movie, and rumours of Forest Whitaker and Ben Mendelsohn joining the cast should make for a great first entry to the Anthology series. It looks like Star Wars production is going to be constant for the next few years with new movies appearing every year.

Photo Credit: Splash News

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