JJ Abrams to EW: No New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer at D23


It’s been officially confirmed by the director himself: there will be no new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the D23 Expo this weekend.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, JJ Abrams said that there would be no new footage shown, “behind the scenes or otherwise,” at the Disney convention. He also echoed what he said at San Diego Comic Con in July: there will be no new trailer until the fall.

Abrams is excited to be going to D23, but he doesn’t want to rush the film for the event.

"“We’re thrilled to go to D23 and meet the fans, but it’s a tricky thing to try and rush [footage] for a convention or preexisting event that would, of course, be fun to show something at.”"

As to where The Force Awakens is in the creation process, Abrams said they were still editing.

"“I’m still editing and we’re working on refining the cut, but it’s incredibly fun to see the movie come together,” Abrams said. “You realize certain things that you don’t need, certain things you can pull out.”"

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Though it is a disappointment, it is no surprise that we’re not getting any new footage. It was just a slim hope, a desperate hope that somehow Disney and Abrams’s “fall” season would start in August. And honestly, though my heart longs for it to be otherwise, I think it’s best that we’re being made to wait. It only increases everyone’s anticipation.

But, better than moping on what they aren’t showing at D23 is speculating on what they could still show us. Some of my musings on the subject include the reveal of Maz Kanata and Supreme Leader Snoke, two characters who we know to be entirely CGI, and/or the introduction of the pirates from Maz Kanata’s pirate castle. We may even find out who Max von Sydow is playing (von Sydow is the last member of the originally announced Episode VII cast whose role is completely unknown).

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D23 Expo begins August 14th! Stay tuned to Dork Side for more updates.

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