D23 Expo 2015: A Star Wars Fan’s Guide

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George Lucas is Honored as a Disney Legend

D23 will kick off with Disney bestowing one of its highest honors upon the father of Star Wars by naming him a Disney Legend. In a ceremony scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday morning in Hall D23, George Lucas will be recognized for his work incorporating the franchise, along with Indiana Jones, into the Disney theme parks.

The event will be hosted by Disney CEO Bob Iger and feature “special musical performances.” There will be seven other honorees at the event, including music composer Danny Elfman.

Despite the widespread vitriol directed Lucas’ way over matters such as the missed opportunities of the prequels or his dilly-dallying with the original trilogy, a lot of what makes Star Wars great is tied to Lucas’ vision and passion for his baby. This represents a nice gesture by Disney to honor the filmmaker’s work with the franchise over the years and give him a chance to publicly bestow his blessing upon the new caretakers of the universe.

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