Star Wars Battlefront: Supremacy Mode Unveiled


EA’s Star Wars Battlefront website has just revealed an all new game mode called Supremacy Mode, as you can imagine it is exactly what an all out multiplayer mode should be. EA Lead Level Designer, Dennis Brännvall had this to say:

"“When you spawn into Supremacy, you don’t have to move far to see a lot of friends – and enemies. You’re thrown into a massive frontline, where your screen is filled with adversaries: infantry, Heroes, Walkers, and starfighters. You can prepare for very heavy and focused Star Wars action.”"

For those players who prefer to defend, Supremacy Mode promises a constant barrage of enemies assaulting your control point. And, If you prefer to go on the offensive, as an attacking player, you will find plenty of defenders at their control points…let the Kill to Death Ratio argument begin!

According to EA, Almost all the vehicles available to control in Star Wars Battlefront will take part in the fight. TIE Fighters and X-wings will assist the player’s quest for supremacy at each location. Heroes and Villains — like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader — will also join the fight, and their unique abilities, and they will help both sides in differing ways.

Brännvall expounds:

"“Using a character like Darth Vader to secure control points is great, as he can take increased damage before going down. Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett are great for moving swiftly between attacking and defensive positions, and giving you the edge against opponents in battle.”"

Supremacy will reportedly offer the largest fighting maps in Star Wars Battlefront. The rather large maps, added to the ability to capture key areas, will more than likely seem similar to veterans of previous DICE game fans. Star Wars Battlefront is available for preorder now, and will be released to stores and digital download on November 17, later this year.

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