Ten Potential Star Wars Themed Attractions for Star Wars Land at Disney

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One of the biggest pieces of Star Wars news coming from D23 — this past weekend — was the official announcement that both Disneyland (California) and Disneyworld (Florida) would be featuring an all new expansion to the their theme parks, called Star Wars Land. The announcement came with the details that the expansion would be 14 acres, and that one ride would center around a secret mission aboard the Millennium Falcon, as well as a battle scenario between the First Order and the Resistance. With that in mind, Dork Side of the Force has thought of other potential Star Wars themed rides or experiences, that could be a part of Disney’s new Star Wars Land.

First up, no self-respecting Star Wars theme park could expect to be taken seriously, without the inclusion of the Jedi and the Sith. The use of the Force has been prevalent in every Star Wars film since the Original Trilogy, and of course just about every single other medium having to do with Star Wars, in the past 30 years. So how could Star Wars Land capitalize on the Force?

Jedi vs Sith

How about an experience where park visitors could choose a side of the Force — the Dark Side or the Light — in a three dimensional battle complete with black robes, red lightsabers and Force lightning for the Dark Side, and brown robes, blue/green lightsabers and Force pushes for the Light Side. Before you disregard this idea as nearly impossible, consider this: ILM (Industrial Light and Magic), the visual effects studio behind all the special effects in the Star Wars saga, has begun work on an immersive virtual reality Star Wars experience with their brand new ILMxLAB.

With technology like this on the horizon, the sky’s the limit with what they can do. Sign me up for Team Sith!

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