Ten Potential Star Wars Themed Attractions for Star Wars Land at Disney

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Lightsaber Training with Obi-Wan

Remember in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, when Luke is first handed his father’s lightsaber? Remember that feeling of awe at seeing a laser sword? I do. As a kid, watching the Original Trilogy for the first time, It was part of what made Star Wars so amazing to me.  Now imagine going to Star Wars Land, and queuing up for your chance to be trained with an elegant of weapon, made for a more civilized age — your very own lightsaber.

The experience could improve on an already popular Disney idea: Build your own Lightsaber, with an option for a more adult friendly version where the lightsaber could be made of metal instead of plastic. Then, once your saber is constructed, complete with a specially chosen Kybur Crystal (color of the saber’s blade), you would train with a floating sphere shooting imaginary laser at your face, while you try to block said lasers with your brand-spanking-new lightsaber!

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