Ten Potential Star Wars Themed Attractions for Star Wars Land at Disney

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Podracing with Sebulba

Love them or hate them, the Sequel Trilogy introduced us to more than one cool Star Wars concept. In particular, in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, we were gifted with the favored sport of Hutts everywhere, Podracing. How cool would it be to climb aboard an actual Pod Racer? Well, not an actual one, but more like a bumper car or go-cart retrofitted to look like the Pod Racers from Episode I.

This could be another ILM type experience, where park visitors get to race — on a grand scale — legendary racers like Sebulba or even the Chosen One himself, young Anakin Skywalker. Although I would rather see this as an actual ride, I’m not sure how Disney’s insurance company would feel about the friendly fender-benders that are surely to take place.

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