Ten Potential Star Wars Themed Attractions for Star Wars Land at Disney

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Speeder Bike Chase

Imagine a ride with side by side speeder bikes, lined up in a row and attached to a rail that would take park visitors on a ride through the forest of Endor…at a high rate of speed, of course. The ride could be the very definition of “Thrill Ride” as the rail will carry riders right up to giant trees right before swerving to the side to avoid crashing.

This could even take on the aspects of a rollercoaster, as the rail could climb and dip at a rather fast pace. There’s the option of having both Rebel Alliance speeders and Empire speeders, with each bike featuring controls where riders can fire laser-tag like beams at targets along the ride’s route. There’s nothing quite like having to avoid crashing into trees and random foliage as you chase down your enemy.

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