5 Actors Who Could Play Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One

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Bill Nighy

I’m mainly basing this selection off of two of Bill Nighy’s villainous roles as Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Carribbean series and as the vampire Viktor in Underworld.

The former is well-known just because of the incredible effects work that convinced many audience members that Nighy was wearing prosthetics rather than having his face enhanced by computers. But not enough credit is given to Nighy for both roles in crafting a fearsome character while still eliciting a touch of sympathy from the audience.

It’s also proof that he can give a performance whether he’s under intense makeup and prosthetics or having his actions run through a computer. Either is a possibility if the filmmakers have to craft Nighy’s face and body to more closely match Cushing’s features, but it shouldn’t be too much of a hurdle.

The only caveat is that Nighy often gives off a warm presence in his other roles in contrast to Tarkin’s cold demeanor, but I believe the British thespian could pull off another despicable villain.

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