5 Actors Who Could Play Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One

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Hugo Weaving

While Charles Dance could depict an air of superiority in Tarkin with ease, Hugo Weaving is another actor who has plenty of experience in that department. Famous for his role as the elf lord Elrond in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit film trilogies, Weaving would probably have to channel his Agent Smith character from The Matrix instead.

Both that character and his turn as Red Skull in the first Captain America movie point out what Weaving could bring to Tarkin that no one else could: an intense, high-powered rage. If you watch his villainous characters, Weaving always expertly switches from having the smug upper hand to untethered loathing. It’s an interesting angle for the character of Tarkin, considering Cushing never really broke out into full-on rage when he was in charge.

It could make sense for the grand moff though, as he’s a high-ranking but young Imperial general who has to prove himself to the Emperor. The anger and intensity may also help Weaving play off of the resilient, quiet menace of Darth Vader if they were to share scenes together.

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