Force Friday: Everything a Star Wars Fan Needs to Know

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The Collectibles

You can find plenty of Force Friday items at numerous retailers like Target and Toys ‘R Us, but Walmart is offering a special incentive to fans to get them in the doors.

When nearly 3,000 Walmart stores open at midnight on Friday, they’ll give fans packs of hexagonal “trading discs” adorned with Star Wars characters. These are part of a game called “Galactic Connexxions,” and while it’s unclear how it’s played, the disc will be a Walmart exclusive.

The discs are designed by Topps, which runs the digital Star Wars trading card game. Every customer will receive two packs of playable discs. These packs may also include a “rare star field disc,” along with a “special redemption disc” that can be traded in for a gold disc and a “Star Wars room makeover.” There will also be family events the following day, on Sept. 5, where more packs will be distributed.

What does any of that mean? I have no idea, but the discs themselves look kinda cool. The question is, is it worth braving the scum and villainy of Walmart?

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