Watch these Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEGO Set Commercials

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Finally, we have Rey’s Speeder. Rey, portrayed by Daisy Ridley, is a scavenger living on the desert planet of Jakku. Her speeder is one of my favorite new designs from J.J. Abrams and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I can’t wait to see it in action on December 18, when the film debuts.

75099 Rey’s Speeder

Rey’s Speeder set includes:

  • Dual stud shooters.
  • Opening storage hatch and side-mounted bag.
  • Blaster, buzzsaw and electrobinoculars.
  • There’s also a detachable sled with space for a minifigure when Rey must make a quick escape down the desert dunes.
  • Two minifigures: Rey and Unkar’s Thug with a crowbar.

These are some pretty neat sets from LEGO and I sincerely hope we get to see some more, the closer we get to the film’s release in December.

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