Star Wars Interactive Map Lets You Explore The Galaxy


It’s getting tougher and tougher to keep track of the Star Wars universe. The galaxy seems like it’s constantly expanding what with the addition of books, comics, TV shows and even toys, and it will only get more intense as we approach the debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Dec. 18 (or a day earlier, for you lucky Brits).

Luckily, design firm nlcud has designed a fancy little tool to assist you as you plot your course through the plethora of Star Wars material awaiting your perusal. The company put together a nifty interactive map of the known planets in the Star Wars universe that lets you navigate across the universe from planet to planet.

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The site also includes some cool features. It has details about each world, such as name, size, population, climate, year and day length and even what films it appeared in. There’s also an option to determine what planets appear on your map by sorting by film or by an all-encompassing Expanded Universe tab.

But don’t be easily fooled. The map is not officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm it appears, as it contains planets that aren’t in the new canon and also leaves out some key planets that are part of canon now. Places from the TV shows and comics like Lothal, Christophsis, Morriband (formerly Korriban), Ilum and Zygerria are nowhere to be found.

Perhaps appropriately, I had a tough time locating Tatooine, although I’ve seen some users claim that it really is there.

The map sucks up a lot of processing power and will only run on certain browsers, so don’t be surprised if it crashes your computer. Although the planets themselves aren’t that detailed, the layout and presentation of the entire site left me impressed, so I’m not surprised it’s demanding on computers.

Hopefully, the Lucasfilm powers that be realize this is a valuable resource and work with nlcud on shaping this into a canon piece of art. It could be handy to keep around, not just if I need to check up on something in the canon, but if I plan on taking a vacation to Hoth.

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