Knights of Ren Symbol & A Character’s Jedi Affiliation


Potential spoilers below…

Thanks to a set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens-themed playing cards reported by Making Star Wars, we have what is possibly the symbol of the Knights of Ren, or at least of Kylo Ren himself. In addition, a familiar symbol is listed on a card featuring one of the new Big Three, which may have implications for her future (or even her past) in the sequel trilogy.

Take a look at an image of the cards, courtesy of @ForceCult.

via @ForceCult

Here we have it all but confirmed that Rey is, or will be in later Episodes, a Jedi. It would also seem that Finn, being associated only with the “Rebels,” is not a Jedi or potential Force user despite his possession of Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber in The Force Awakens (of course, his lack of Jedi affiliation could simply mean he is not a Jedi or Force user in The Force Awakens; his time may come in Episode VIII or IX).

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The symbol on Kylo Ren’s card is interesting; rather than labeling it as a symbol of the Knights of Ren, it is referred to as belonging to the Sith. This could mean a couple of different things: The Knights of Ren could be more a form of the Sith, a sort of subgroup of the Dark Side cult, or Kylo could come to autonomously identify as a true Sith rather than merely a Knight of Ren. Either scenario makes sense, given Kylo’s apparent obsession with Darth Vader.

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On the other hand, since the Rebels symbol on Finn’s card is, as far as we know, a general reference to the Resistance, the Sith symbol could be a similarly general term for the Knights of Ren. Which brings us back to the Jedi symbol: Does it indicate that Rey is or will be a full-fledged Jedi, recalling the glory days of the old Republic, or will she be something different; a subgroup, as we speculated the Knights of Ren might be?

It’s amazing what information you can dig up from such unobtrusive items as playing cards!

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