Star Wars Episode VIII: Filming on Skellig Michael


Earlier today we told you about the strong winds keeping boats away from Skellig Michael, the Irish Island where scenes for Star Wars: The Force Awakens were filmed, and where director Rian Johnson is going to be filming scenes for Star Wars Episode VIII. Star Wars Episode 7 News — a site we consider to be extremely reliable for Star Wars film news, rumors and leaks — has a bevy of new photos and information about director Rian Johnson and his crew heading to Skellig Michael, along with a full crew and all of their equipment.


Photo courtesy of SW7News

"“Tents and tarps full of equipment were all over the island completely unguarded apart from one tent which lay on top of a fake sandy coloured rock built for the filming… My guess is Luke will be standing on that tomorrow. Talking to people who I can’t name as they were afraid of getting in trouble, we discovered that there were definitely droids already locked away on the island (presumably BB-8 or R2-D2 or both, but couldn’t confirm because they hadn’t seen any of the movies). Along with the droids were weapons, presumably a lightsaber or two. We also discovered that the set had been described as a “Jedi Monastery”, (although I don’t know the validity of that) and scenes were to have wind and rain machines, which we later discovered and took photos that you can see here.”"

SW7News goes on to mention that Mark Hamill’s family is in fact in the UK, using an instagram post from his daughter, Chelsea as proof. This brings up the question as to what Hamill’s role in Episode VIII will be. Will Luke reforge the Jedi Academy with a whole new batch of Force sensitive recruits? Is Skellig Michael the location of the new Jedi Order, and if so, who are the new Jedi? Finn? Rey? Or, are their all new characters we have yet to meet? The fact of the matter is, with Disney at the controls, the sky’s the limit and there are endless opportunities for the direction in which Star Wars can be taken.

H/T – Star Wars 7 News

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