Star Wars: The Darth Vader Watch You Probably Can’t Afford


A new Darth Vader-themed watch can help you count down the time until Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally hits theaters, although you may not be able to afford your tickets after you buy the timepiece.

Produced by the American company Devon, the watch will only cost $28,500, which means you’ll probably have to pick up a few bounty-hunting contracts in your spare time to make up the difference. There’s a reason it’s so expensive, though: The company is only making 500 of them.

Set to be released in October, the watch features fasteners modeled after the screws on Vader’s helmet, along with the Imperial crest emblazoned on the crown. And it also takes after the Empire’s vehicle of choice, the TIE Fighter, with a wing adorning two sides of the watch.

Devon touts that it had to invent new technology to design the watch, which makes it seem like it should do something cooler than just keep time, like feature a hologram of Princess Leia delivering an important message. According to the watchmaker, it is composed of 350 parts, including gauges that were used in 747 aircraft.

Luckily, Devon didn’t use the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive to power the watch, but rather installed it with a wireless-charging battery that lasts for two hours. Still, it would’ve been nice if the watch could have come with an alternate version that used parsecs as units.

You can check out an in-depth video on the watch above. Oh, and if you’re thinking that this accessory may have a slightly exorbitant price, don’t forget that it comes with TIE Fighter cufflinks.

Make sure you wear both of these accessories while playing your Darth Vader-themed Playstation 4 to remind yourself that it was worth getting into a lifetime of debt.

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