Mark Hamill Debunks Near Death Reports


Well, it would appear as if the reports of Mark Hamill’s near demise on the Irish Island of Skellig Michael, were actually greatly exaggerated…and before you check, yes, we did partake in that reporting. In a Twitter post, earlier this morning, Hamill stated that he did not so much as stub his toe.

We are relieved and pleased the Jedi Master did not, in fact hurt himself, and wish him nothing but good health and safe travels and filming of Episodes VIII and hopefully IX. Hamill and his family are in Ireland for the filming of Star Wars Episode VIII, which is being directed by Rian Johnson. The Irish Examiner has photos of Mark’s son — Nathan — loading an SUV, and as you can tell, he bears quite the striking resemblance to his father. In fact, he could even be a body double, from where I’m looking.

Nathan Hamill, son of Mark Hamill, pictured at the Butler Arms Hotel on Monday ahead of filming of Star Wars on Skellig Michael. Picture: Don MacMonagle

The site goes on to explain what was going into filming Episode VIII:

"“A crew of around 100 people and cast members, including Mark Hamill who will reprise his Luke Skywalker role, are expected to be on the boats due to leave Portmagee today at 7am.”"

Star Wars 7 News — a very dependable site for filming leaks — has reports from their sources that Daisy Ridley’s stunt double is also there in Ireland, in Kerry, near the Skellig Michael area. This could all mean that Ridley’s character could be receiving some Jedi training in Episode VIII from Jedi Master Luke, who is now a hermit, much like Luke did in The Empire Strikes Back with Yoda. It really is all cyclical, isn’t it?

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