Del Rey’s New Star Wars Book & When We Can Expect It


With the lineup of Star Wars literature announced by Del Rey in 2014 and this year coming to a close, it’s time to look forward and beyond the journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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In a tweet from the official Star Wars Books account, Del Rey teased a new project being coordinated by their new *wink wink* intern.

The message, though exciting as it remained in its tantalizing uncoded state in Aurebesh, was more a playful poke at desperate fans seeking Star Wars book hints anywhere they can find them (not me, of course, come on). Thanks to the intrepid work of a fan on Facebook, the message was revealed to read the following:

"“Where do we go from here? Well we need to talk about future books. I wonder what they are serving in the cafe today. Do you think anyone reads this?”"

(and the answer is, yes, people do)

Despite the disappointment (and humor) of BB-8’s “secret” message, @DelReyStarWars’s tweet does hint at something else, something just as exciting: A new Star Wars book is being worked on. And I have an idea of when we can expect to know what it’s about.

New York Comic Con in 2014 came just a month or two following the reveal of the first four books in the new, Story Group-sanctioned Star Wars literature lineup (those books being A New Dawn, Tarkin, Heir to the Empire, and Lords of the Sith). And during the “A New Dawn – The Exciting Future of Star Wars Publishing” panel at NYCC, the team from Del Rey announced a fifth book: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden.

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This year, NYCC will take place October 8-11, less than a month from today. Given that the novels I mentioned above have all been released, with the addition of Aftermath by Chuck Wendig and the announcements of Battlefront: Twilight Company by Alex Freedman and The Force Awakens novelization by Alan Dean Foster (both to be released later this year), the upcoming convention in New York seems like the perfect place and time to expand the Star Wars book slate into 2016.

While no panel featuring the Star Wars division of Del Rey is currently listed on the convention’s website, there’s still hope. And with that hope may come new authors, new stories, and a fantastic way to begin building the hype for another great year in Star Wars.

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