6 New Planets Introduced by Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

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We’ve heard plenty about this planet before, with its first appearance coming in Princess Leia #3. However, we don’t get a proper look at it, as the comic’s events on the planet take place underground.

Leia and her co-pilot Evaan visit the rocky, subterranean depths of the planet to visit a secret base of Alderaanian refugees. At first, they’re greeted with paranoia and skepticism by the group, who have gone a little bit insane after having their home destroyed and being forced into hiding in an isolated location. But the group eventually rallies to Leia’s side after an encounter with an Imperial contingent unites them against a common foe.

In following Star Wars conventions, this is definitely the Lava Planet due to its topographical features. It’s a little more barren and cavern-like than the hellish Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith. Plus, a new creature called a rockrender makes its debut, resembling giant…gophers? badgers?…who tunneled through the rocks and were attracted to dense minerals.

We’ll actually get to see more of this planet later this year, as it’s one of the maps included in Star Wars Battlefront. From the teaser images released so far, it appears to have a molten, desolate surface that resembles dried lava.

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