6 New Planets Introduced by Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

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Unnamed Planet in the Monsua Nebula

We don’t actually have an official name for this planet, which shows up in Star Wars #5. All we know is that Han and Chewbacca discovered it after crash-landing there in the Millennium Falcon at an unspecified time in the past, so the two began using it as a hideout whenever they needed to lay low. Han even has a stash of Corellian wine tucked away, which he tries to use to seduce Leia (who doesn’t take to the idea well).

What makes it such a good hiding spot is also what makes it visually appealing on a comics page. The upper atmosphere of the planet consists of bright pink electrical storms that threaten to destroy any ship that tries to descend through them. The storms obscure the lush, tropical paradise on the surface, making it the perfect place to go into hiding or take a vacation and not have to worry about being disturbed.

This is one of the more creative environments we’ve seen in the Star Wars universe so far. Instead of another one-note copycat planet, Marvel’s writers mixed it up and imagined something truly unique that also makes sense in terms of story.

It’s also notable that Sana Solo, Han’s wife, is aware of this place and has probably been here before, as she knew to track Han to this place.

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