6 New Planets Introduced by Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

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Another planet that appears in Kanan: The Last Padawan, although not until issue #4. It’s also a planet that appears to be a tropical paradise, although this one is mostly covered by bright blue water and island chains.

Kanan and his new friend Kasmir flee here to set up a smuggling job while on the run. Kanan later meets a Devaronian named General Kleeve, who he had previously encountered on Kaller as a Separatist general. It’s a crucial moment for Kanan, as he realizes that even though he thought the Separatists were his enemy, they lost just as much as he did when the civil war was over.

There’s not too much else that stands out about Lahn, although it is quite beautiful to look at. Hopefully, this planet might also be explored in Star Wars Rebels or in other media in the future of the expanded universe.

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