6 New Planets Introduced by Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

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We see very little of this planet, first introduced in Princess Leia #4. In that issue, Leia send an envoy to the planet to gather up more Alderaanian refugees, but when they arrive, they learn that the group is breeding with the locals. This raises some tension among Leia’s newfound Alderaanian allies, who believe that their people should be mating only with each other to preserve their endangered heritage.

Esperion appears to be some sort of eccentric, bizarre-looking city that caters to the flamboyantly rich. There are plenty of interesting buildings and costumes scattered throughout, and the cartoonish look is heightened by the general style of the Princess Leia comic line, which emphasizes a fantasy-like, storybook feel to its panels.

Still, we don’t get much more than a few glimpses of the planet, and quite frankly, there wasn’t too much that indicated it was worth revisiting.

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