Meet Anthony Ingruber, he wants to play Han Solo


When the news that Han Solo would be getting his very own Anthology Star Wars Story broke, many fans began to wildly speculate as to who would don the vest and DL-44 blaster, and carry the legacy of one of the most beloved Star Wars icons, in the entire saga. Enter actor Anthony Ingruber, who is fresh off his first major role in a film — The Age of Adaline — where he, interestingly enough, plays a younger version of Harrison Ford’s character.

Watch this video of Ingruber doing his best Han Solo, from New Hope. I gotta say, I’m impressed.

Star Wars 7 News got a chance to interview Anthony and asked him about his audition for Han Solo. SW7N mentions that they knew the actor had sent in his best Han Solo impressions for the audition, but what else about Han drew him to the role:

"The thing that attracts me to that is that there is very little known about Han Solo’s origin; he’s a complete mystery. He sort of swaggers onto the scene and does his thing but nobody knows where he came from or how he and Chewbacca became friends. It leaves it very open to tell some interesting stories."

Ingruber does go on to say that he has been approached by Lucasfilm/Disney in the past to do some voice acting for what I am assuming would be Han Solo in one of their animated series — most likely Rebels. However, since Age of Adaline, and his uncanny portrayal on screen of a young Harrison Ford, I don’t think there’s any way Disney can ignore Anthony’s acting and looks, when considering the role for young Han Solo. You can read the entire Star Wars 7 News interview with Anthony Ingruber by clicking the provided link.

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