Rumor: Max von Sydow’s Episode VII Character Revealed


As the months have closed on Star Wars: The Force Awaken‘s release date of December 18th, we’ve gradually learned the name of each character played by the actors and actresses from that early casting announcement last year… except for Max von Sydow’s. The actor was not even present in the cast’s group photo, and he has made no con or Celebration appearances for Star Wars since. All we’ve had to go on are rumors, and even those have been sketchy.

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But, thanks to a new rumor reported by Making Star Wars, the mystery may finally be solved.

Potential spoilers…

Rumor has it that von Sydow’s character is Lor San Tekka, a village elder on Jakku who holds valuable information as to the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. According to Making Star Wars, Resistance pilot Poe Damerson has been sent to Jakku for the purpose of seeking out Tekka and procuring said information.

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The latter part of the rumor fits in with what we already know from an official source: Oscar Isaacs, AKA Poe Dameron himself. The actor spoke of his character at Star Wars Celebration this past April and how Dameron had been sent to Jakku by a certain princess for a special mission. That princess, I think we can all safely assume, is Leia. It makes sense that Leia wants information on her brother, who appears to be long-lost.

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The first part of the rumor, while there’s no way to confirm it, at least doesn’t contradict any official information. And I think it makes sense, too, given von Sydow’s age (at 86 years old, he’s perfect for playing a respected elder) and the fact that his character has been shrouded in as much mystery as Luke Skywalker. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a connection between the two.

As always, treat this as a rumor as we await official confirmation.

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