Star Wars Rebels: 5 Potential Roles for Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Princess Leia

Yup, that’s right. The Alderaanian fugitive may actually be appearing in this season of Rebels.

You would think that Gellar, who shared this photo on her Instagram page recently along with the news that she’ll be on the Rebels NYCC panel, basically confirmed that she’s playing the princess without leaving any room for doubt.

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But there is at least one caveat here. Gellar actually posted this picture last year around the time of Halloween. It was part of her costume when she dressed up with her family. So this isn’t a new photo, and it’s not like she got dolled up to look just like Princess Leia so she could drop a bomb on fans, so we may have to look at this one with a bit more skepticism.

Still, at least from a story perspective, introducing Leia at this stage in the show’s development makes sense. This is the season where the crew of the Ghost begin to join forces with the Rebel Alliance and help establish the foundation of the group. They would likely have to come in contact with the young, upstart princess from Alderaan who become a major force in the Alliance.

The show has done a pretty good job of having the actors from the original trilogy reprise their roles for the show. James Earl Jones and Billy Dee Williams were both brought in for episodes last season. But I’m OK with Gellar taking the reins for Carrie Fisher here, especially because the Leia we might see would be different from the Leia in A New Hope.

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