Star Wars Rebels: 5 Potential Roles for Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Mon Mothma

This one may be out of left field, but it makes just as if not more sense than Leia.

We haven’t seen too much of Mothma in either the original trilogy or even the new canon yet. In Return of the Jedi, she’s the leader of the Rebel Alliance who briefs the rebels on the plan to attack the Second Death Star. She’s played by British actress Caroline Blackiston.

Mothma makes her first major appearance in the new canon in Chuck Wendig’s novel Star Wars: Aftermath. She’s only in the book for one brief chapter, but her actions have potentially huge implications.

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While walking through a town devastated by the New Republic’s battle with the remnants of the Empire, Mothma, who heads the new Galactic Senate, says she plans to cut down the Republic army by 90 percent, to the horror of her advisers. She says the Republic needs to convince people on the fence that it’s not going to rule the galaxy with an iron fist and an imposing military force like the Empire did, so a drawdown is necessary.

Of course, this likely sets the stage for someone unsympathetic to the cause to make their move against a weakened Republic.

Mothma has the potential to be a complex, fascinating character, considering her importance within the Rebel Alliance, and we could get a glimpse of that in Rebels, potentially thanks to a turn by Gellar.

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