Star Wars Rebels: 5 Potential Roles for Sarah Michelle Gellar

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A Sith Inquisitor

Rebels is going to up the stakes next season with the introduction of more bad guys, primarily the Sith agents known as Inquisitors. These minions act as Darth Vader’s apprentices who are tasked with hunting down the surviving Jedi from Order 66.

The Inquisitor from last season, who died in the season finale “Fire Across the Galaxy,” was confirmed by Filoni to be the head of this group, but now that he’s gone, Vader is dispatching more of the Inquisitors to clamp down on this new pocket of resistance.

We’ve only seen glimpses of two of these Inquisitors so far, and even those don’t offer much. There’s a gray-skinned humanoid dressed in armor that makes him look like a samurai, who we can see briefly in the trailer for Season 2.

But there’s also another Inquisitor seen briefly in the trailer who’s definitely female. There’s also some concept art showing this character next to Ezra Bridger. It’s unclear what race she is, but both her and the other Sith will likely play a large role this upcoming season, meaning it would be perfect for Gellar to contribute a memorable villain to the show’s ranks.

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