Star Wars Rebels: 5 Potential Roles for Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Sarah Michelle Gellar, right, voices her lines next to series creator Dave Filoni.

A Character We Haven’t Seen

I don’t think the show would hire a well-known TV actress to voice a character we’ve never seen before, but it’s possible that Gellar will be playing a brand-new role in Season 2. Considering Filoni’s promise that we’ll see more of the Star Wars universe this year rather than just being stuck on the planet Lothal, we’ll likely be introduced to plenty of new characters never before seen in the new canon.

While there’s no limit to the type of characters Gellar could play, she could definitely fit in easily as an Imperial officer of some sort. We know the Empire has women in its ranks, even if they’re few and far between. The novel A New Dawn introduced us to the conniving Imperial Navy commander, Admiral Rae Sloane, and even Rebels featured Minister Maketh Tua as the overseer of Imperial forces on Lothal.

We’ll likely find out more when Gellar appears at New York Comic-Con on Oct. 8, along with the rest of the cast. And stay tuned for more coverage leading up to the premiere of the second season on Wednesday, Oct. 14, on Disney XD.

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