The Force Awakens Will Be Best Star Wars Movie Yet, Says Fan Poll


If you’re excited for The Force Awakens, then you’re not alone — but is it already the best Star Wars movie ever without having come out yet?

We still have a few months to go before we get to see The Force Awakens, but already the hype surrounding the film is sending fans into a tizzy. In fact, fans are so hot and bothered for the latest Star Wars film that it’s already ranking among the best in the franchise — two months before it even comes out.

In a poll reported on by Variety, fans believe that The Force Awakens will be the best Star Wars film of the bunch.

We tend to get these kinds of polls in all walks of entertainment and most of the time they’re nothing more than fluff. People are obsessed with what it new, and we always hear people say that was the best one whenever a new movie, book or television show comes out.

It’s not surprising that The Force Awakens is already a favorite among Star Wars fans, as it’s all we’ve had on the brain for the last year or so. Let’s not forget how excited we were before The Phantom Menace came out though — and how that turned out. I don’t mean to poo-poo on anyone’s parade here, but we’ve seen awesome Star Wars trailers before and we’ve only really seen 50 percent return on the quality of the six films.

That being said, The Force Awakens looks like it is going to be up there with the likes of the OT, but we’ll learn that from the movie itself and not an early poll.

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