Mark Hamill trolled Star Wars and It Was Great


Mark Hamill hasn’t always been boastful about his time with Star Wars, and he took time to troll the franchise in a hilarious way. 

When Star Wars hit in 1977, it was something that changed the world in more than one way. One of the aspects that changed is the lives of the actors who were in the films. Harrison Ford went on to have the most success of the lot, but his success helped give him more roles to be associated with as opposed to his co-stars.

One of the actors who will be forever associated with his role from Star Wars above all other roles he has ever played, it Mark Hamill. The actor has had roles in other movies and television shows, but he’s always going to be Luke Skywalker to everyone who runs into him. This is something that Hamill hasn’t always been thrilled about, and even though he loves the role and has stepped back into it for The Force Awakens, he is always prepared to point out that he’s aware of the massiveness of the role.

Mark Hamill proceeded to troll Star Wars fans in the most awesome Mark Hamill way possible when asked what he gave up when taking the Star Wars role.

This is why we all love Mark Hamill. He’s not someone who is going to get super overhyped about Luke Skywalker but we’s also clear not going shun the role and fans who love him for it. Trolls like this is something that reminds us of the weight that a role in Star Wars carries throughout you’re entire career and Hamill will never live it down for better or worse.

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