Insane Star Wars Aftermath Theory: The Emperor Survived Return of the Jedi


Can you believe we are a paltry 12 weeks away from the world-wide premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens? As part of the buildup to TFA, Lucasfilm and Disney have been mass-marketing the heck out of Star Wars merchandise like toys, books, comics, and clothes. This is all part of The Journey to the Force Awakens, and so far it’s been pretty darn successful. In that regard, the book — Star Wars Aftermath — picks up right after the battle for Endor and the end of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Now, if you’re like me, you probably assumed that Emperor Palpatine died on the second Death Star, thrown to his death by the redeemed Anakin Skywalker, formerly Darth Vader. Of course, in the old Expanded Universe (now Star Wars Legends), Palpatine had many, many clones that he would transfer his evil spirit into, right before his body would die…but that is no longer canon. In other words, it never happened.

Warning: Spoilers

Enter Aftermath on audiobook. Website Moviepilot has a story about a Redditor named Lilpanik who listened to Aftermath and caught on to a certain theme song that makes me want to break out the ole tinfoil hat.

"“As Lilpanik notes, the audio version of Aftermath includes – at around the 11:37:40 mark – a conversation in which Imperial Admiral Sloane (part of the lingering, regrouping post-Return of the Jedi Imperial forces) mentions that she’s not actually the one in charge of a particular Super Star Destroyer. Instead, she suggests, it’s someone believed to be dead – at which point the audio-book’s music switches to…Emperor Palpatine’s theme.”"

Moviepilot goes onto to talk about how the Imperial —  Admiral Sloane — ends up speaking to the mysterious man in question, who sounds like Palpatine, and seems to be humming a song named ‘Sestina of Imperator Rex.’ In Latin, ‘Imperator Rex‘ means ‘King Emperor’. Coindiendince? Maybe. And, as I have actually read Aftermath (not listened) I had my own theories as to the mystery man. I thought he may a certain blue alien from the old EU. However, this is a very interesting theory. I guess I need to buy Star Wars Aftermath on Audiobook now.

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