Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta Begins Today


The long wait is finally over for fans of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, as the company has announced via its Twitter feed that the open beta testing will go live today at 12 pm cst. The open beta is set to include three game modes:

  • Solo survival mission on Tatooine.
  • Skirmish on the volcanic world of Sullust.
  • Battle Royal between the Empire and the Rebels on the planet of Hoth.

This is going to be some exciting stuff, and console players on the PS4 and XBOX ONE  will surely be immersed for most of the weekend, playing non-stop. So, if you plan on getting in and playing the Star Wars Battlefront beta, I would highly suggest you get in now and download the necessary updates and prepare for some possible long queues and potentially laggy battlegrounds.

As to what players can expect in the beta, the official EA site has some helpful tips and tricks to get through the weekend. And, they’ve even got some really informative articles on the heroes for each side, like Luke Skywalker for the Rebels and Darth Vader for the Empire:

"“Luke Skywalker is one of several playable Heroes in Star Wars™ Battlefront™, and fans of Star Wars™ will recognize his Star Wars™: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi™ look: dark clothes, gloved right hand, and his self-crafted green Lightsaber. Luke is an acrobatic character, immensely powerful, and skilled with the Force – but also somewhat new to his powers. Jamie Keen tells us how Luke’s powers and movement reflect the overall state of his development as a Jedi.”"

"“Almost unstoppable with his melee moves, Darth Vader has a heavy Lightsaber™ attack for short-range uses that will come in handy fighting against a group of Rebels. The iconic Force Choke ability, seen in the Walker Assault trailer, lets you strangle enemies from a distance and move them against their will.”"

There’s this and loads more, and you can see it all at EA Star Wars Battlefront. The beta testing is open now, and the game is set to hit stores and available for online purchase on November 17.

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