Star Wars Rebels: 5 Highlights From the New Trailer

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3. A new bounty hunter

“Still a bounty hunter, I see.”

“Tell me you don’t miss it.”

It appears Sabine has a new (or perhaps not so new?) foe. With her awesome but unfamiliar helmet design, it’s unclear whether this new character is a Mandalorian like Sabine. In fact, the fact that this bounty hunter is female and a bounty hunter would have been all we knew about her, if it weren’t for the sharp eye of Star Wars fan Pete Morrison from Twitter.

For the photo above, Pete notes that the back of the new bounty hunter’s helmet sports the symbol of the Black Sun Syndicate. Could Sabine have a history with the crime bosses of Black Sun? Or is this affiliation exclusive to the female bounty hunter?

Regardless, it looks like Sabine is going to come into her own in a big way this season, and in more ways than one.

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