Marvel Star Wars: Lando #1 Review


A quick and honest review of Lando #1 the new Marvel comic exploring the backstory of the only man to make Han Solo look like “nice men.”

The new Marvel Lando series is a gem, but it’s not a gem without flaws. Just like our hero things don’t always work out the way they should in this comic, but in the end you still end up charmed.


In Lando #1 we find Lando in the bed of a Moff. No, Lando isn’t getting it on with an old man, this Moff is a scantily clad lady who looks like she walked out of an 80’s music video. She is apparently “The Burning Moff” and there’s some back and forth and she points a blaster at Lando, but in the end he charms her. So Lando is having sex with lady Pol Pot of the Star Wars universe so he can steal an orb that looks surprisingly like the orb from the begning of Guardians of the Galaxy… ok… but stealing infinity gems never works out. Thanos/The Emperor is going to be pissed.

Next we meet up with good ole Lobot, or “Lo” as Lando calls him. Lobot is much more animated than we have seen before, he’s downright human like instead of the robotic man we saw in Empire. I wonder if that’s going to be a thing? (It is.)

Lando stole the infinity gem so that he could get out from under a bounty put on him by the Jabba of this world. (the Jabba of this world being a mute called Papa that has three fairies that talk for him… I shit you not.) Guess, what? Jabba of this world is a jerk and wants Lando to pull one more job.

This is where I start to have some problems, Lando is just a little too much like Han Solo so far. Lando and Solo are both scoundrels, but Lando was always more of a charmer than Solo. The plot so far is pretty much Han Solo’s plot from Episodes IV and V. Do you think Lando’s dealings will put him at odds with the empire? Yeah, I bet so too.

For the rest of the comic we see Lando put together his own little Guardians of the Galaxy to go heist a ship for Papa. The ship of course turns out to be some crazy super ship that has something to do with that horned blue bureaucrat from Episode 1.

Is Lando #1 worth your $3.99? Yes. You get to read a fun story with great art about one of my personal favorite characters from the Star Wars Universe.

The comic isn’t without problems though. The plot seems stale and Lando seems like a Han Solo clone in this one. I recommend it, but it’s not quite as satisfying as it could have been. I just hope they don’t alter the deal any further!

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