Marvel Star Wars: Lando #3 Review


The comic adventures and smartass reviews of the comic adventures of Lando Calrissian continue in this review of Marvel’s Lando #3.


When last we saw Lando and Lo they were on a stolen ship that belonged to the Emperor with an old pigboy with a monocle and tow mute Thundercat ninjas. Then suddenly SHINK ole Lo gone and got himself shanked by one of those Emperor’s red guards who just wear helmets and really big skirts pulled up high.

OK so Lo is in trouble as the Thundercat ninja twins start to fight the red guards. Apparently the reason Lobot has been so much fun so far in this book is that he is able to keep his implants in check when he’s focused. So by thinking about how little personality Lobot has in Empire Strikes Back I think it’s safe to say this injury and him seeming to be more robotic may have some long term consequences.

How has Lo never turned into a robot when he sleeps? Does he need sleep with the implants? Why doesn’t he have a healing implant? I WANT A LOBOT BACKSTORY NOW!

This actually was a really cool device and plot twist, well done writers.

So Lando and pigboy take Lo to a medical bay while the mute Thundercat ninja twins fight the red guards. I mean Lando is super casual about the pace at which they get back to the fight.

Meanwhile store brand Boba Fett gets on another ship the Emperor has reserved for him to track the ship the Emperor had stolen from him… that makes sense right? Store brand Boba Fett meets store brand HK-47 and cuts his head off because you can’t trust strange droids when you are store brand Boba Fett. You have to live hard when you’re a Sam’s Choice Cola bounty hunter son.

Lando and pigboy eventually make their way back to the fight to find it over and that the red guards are all twisted by something evil or TMNT ooze or something.

Pigboy says “the guards were clearly left here to protect something valuable in the central chamber” and then proceeds to stroll over and open the door to that chamber literally moments after another member of this Star Wars B-team was just stabbed after opening a random door. Pigboy keeps talking about being smart, but I think he’s just a Star Wars pawn star or something.

What do you know, the guarded central chamber in Emperor’s ship has some Sith relic in it, color me shocked.

I’m still enjoying the Lando series, and it’s still worth your $3.99, it’s not great, but it’s Star wars and it’ll do in a pinch. PLUS LOBOT FUN TIME!