10 things we want to see in The Force Awakens trailer

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10. Normal Lightsabers

I get it, you’re trying to jazz things up and make everyone say wow, but this is a sword of energy that can cut through anything and deflect blaster shots, does it really need a facelift?

First it was the double sided lightsaber, now it’s the lightsaber with a guard, so next will it be the lightsaber whip, or the lightsaber in the shape of a question mark, or maybe an ampersand lightsaber?

The lightsaber is iconic and was perfect just the way it was, lets not go any farther overboard than we already had on this the most elegant weapon in the universe.  After all this is a more civilized weapon for a more civilized time.

Please trailer, show me some normal lightsabers.

So what are you hoping to see in the trailer? Did we miss something big? Let us know in the comments below!

I’ll catch you after halftime of tonight’s Monday Night Football with a trailer recap, until then I think you know where to find me…

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