10 things we want to see in The Force Awakens trailer

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3. Luke

I want to see Luke.  I don’t just want to see his hand as he pets R2-D2, or the back of his head in a Jedi hoodie, I want to see Luke.  We already know Luke is going to look like Grizzly Adams had a child with Tormund… can we not get a Jedi a subscription to the 5 dollar shave club?

I feel like and I hope that they have made Luke into the fun old jedi like Obi Wan was.  I would hate to think that his golden years have turned Luke Skywalker bitter and boring like Bea Arthur or Qui-Gon Jinn.

I realize that a good chunk of the movie may be spent talking about or trying to find Luke, but I would still love to get a look at old cranky master Luke in The Force Awakens trailer tonight.

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