10 things we want to see in The Force Awakens trailer

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4. Rebel Capital Ships

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the cool shots of Star Destroyers and Imperial Shuttles from the teaser trailers.  Heck we even get to fly through a Star Destroyer in the Falcon at one point… but I hope the Rebel’s still have some capital ships left too.

First off if the Rebels don’t have any capital ships left they are going to have a very hard time fighting the Empire.  Scrub fighters are perfect when a space architect keeps giving you super planet destroying battle-stations with fatal flaws that they can exploit, but Biggs is right, you need capital ships too.

Not only that but one of the most famous and infamous lines from Star Wars happened on the bridge of a Mon Calamari Cruiser…

Do you think we will get to see some big rebel ships in the trailer or just hot hype X-Wings?

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