10 things we want to see in The Force Awakens trailer

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5. New Locations

I love Hoth, I love Tatooine, I love… nope, I don’t love Naboo.  Sorry Naboo, you are cursed because that’s where the Gungans come from.

I also love a desert planet, and a redwood forest, and a city planet, but we need some varaiety.  So far the only things we’ve seen in the trailer are planets that look like the planets we’ve been too a million times before.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not actually Tatooine, but if it looks like a Bantha and it moos like a Bantha, it’s probably a Bantha.

Let’s not forget to do the ONE thing that the prequels did right. In Episodes I, II, and III we saw a variety of worlds and environments from all over the Star Wars universe.  Let’s get some more of that.

Perhaps the trailer will show us some new The Force Awakens locations?

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