10 things we want to see in The Force Awakens trailer

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8. New Tech

Maybe I’m greedy, but I want it all.  I want new walkers, I want new ships, I want new blasters, I want new droids, I want them all.  On top of all these request I also want the cool new stuff I haven’t even thought of yet.

The first time you watched The Empire Strikes Back you were blown away by the huge AT-AT Walkers… and then you were blown away by the snowspeeders using a grappling hook to bring them down.  That was amazing, that’s the feeling I want to get from this movie.  As much as I love seeing new versions of the classic Star Wars tech I hope this trailer shows us that it’s being taken in a new direction too.

I do love BB-8, he’s the droid equivalent to Lieutenant Dan!

All I’m asking is for this trailer and then The Force Awakens itself make me feel like a ten year old again, is that so much to ask?

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