We rank the 50 Biggest WTF Moments in Star Wars History

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Star Wars has experienced its fair share of WTF moments over the course of six films — but which ones truly blew our minds at the time?

What moment in Star Wars history is truly the most shocking or memorable?

That’s a question that we’ve all asked ourselves, but we’ve finally sat down and hammered out a definitive list of moments in Star Wars history that have stuck out the most in our minds — both in the moment and long after that.

Picking out WTF moments in Star Wars isn’t something that you’d think would be possible, as we tend to associate these types of moments with massive deaths on television shows or huge plot twists in movies. But we’ve become so familiar with Star Wars over the years that we tend to forget just how many moments the six films to date have.

In our totally scientific study, it turns out that The Empire Strikes Back is the most shocking Star Wars movie of all time with the film having total of 24 percent of the top moments. Even more surprising is the fact that Attack of the Clones clocks in as the third most shocking movie with eight moments in all.

When you strip away the context of how good or bad the film is and focus solely on the moment, you end up with a mix of Star Wars memories that everyone can agree continue to stick with us almost 40 years after the first movie was released.

So which moment is No. 1?

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