We rank the 50 Biggest WTF Moments in Star Wars History

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39. Padme Tells Anakin She Loves Him

Film: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

The Moment: After being captured on Geonosis and sentenced to death, Padme tells Anakin that she indeed has feelings for him and that she loves him. As they are being wheeled out for their execution, she kisses him and gives her heart to the man she will not long after, marry.

Why It’s Memorable: This could go hand in hand with the moment where Padme tells Anakin she is pregnant, but that was more of a quickie moment than a slow love making moment like this. It’s about as close to a sex scene as we could ask for in a Star Wars movie as it was honest and pure emotion that wasn’t too cheesy — surprisingly from the pen of George Lucas.

From a story standpoint, we didn’t know when Padme would pledge her love for Anakin after he freaked out about her torturing his soul back on Naboo. But this was the true start of their romance, as it was the first time that both Anakin and Padme were all in on their love for one another. It was kind of a low blow at the time since they thought they were going to die, but it was no doubt a critical moment in the arc of the story.

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