We rank the 50 Biggest WTF Moments in Star Wars History

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16. Luke Gets Knocked Out By the Wampa

Film: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The Moment: While investigating a crashed meteorite on Hoth, Luke is attacked by a snow monster known as a Wampa. This creature knocks him out and drags him back to the cave it calls home to put him on ice for a meal later.

Why It’s Memorable: It’s one of the jump scare moments in Star Wars that works great. There aren’t a ton of these moments, but it comes out of absolutely nowhere to both scare us and throw us off our game. We have absolutely no clue that the hell just happened, other than Luke is in grave danger and it’s not clear how long he’s going to be out of the picture.

This is an example of the universe of Star wars playing a role in the overall story. Yeah, there’s character arc and all that, but we are dealing with a galaxy far, far away and there are other things than rebels and imperials in that landscape. This highlights that, as while we have our normal story, there’s variables we weren’t accounting for playing a role in making things difficult.

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