We rank the 50 Biggest WTF Moments in Star Wars History

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3. Luke and Leia Kiss

Film: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The Moment: After Luke is rushed by Han, who gloats about how badly Leia doesn’t want him to leave Hoth, we are given one of the most retroactively uncomfortable moments in the entire saga. To prove a point to Han that she doesn’t have a crush on him, she plants a giant, sloppy kiss on Luke’s lips, much to his enjoyment and the distaste of Han.

Why It’s Memorable: Intergalactic incest at it’s finest here. There are a number of theories about whether George Lucas actually intended for Luke and Leia to be brother and sister or not, but this has gone down as one of the most awkward moments in the entire franchise’s history. At the time, without the context of knowing they were brother and sister, this was still a pretty shocking moment.

But knowing in hindsight that Luke and Leia are twins, it takes this moment to a whole new level and sticks with Star Wars fans like dirty, filthy glue that we can’t wash off. It’s not that it has much to do with the progression of the story, but it’s just a moment that we can’t help but think of and cringe a little.

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