We rank the 50 Biggest WTF Moments in Star Wars History

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2. Han Saves Luke From Darth Vader

Film: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

The Moment: Luke Skywalker is the last hope for the rebel’s assault on the Death Star, but has Darth Vader and two TIE Fighters hot on his tail as he navigates the trenches. Just when Vader locks onto Luke’s X-Wing and prepares to blow him away, Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon come to the rescue, destroying the two TIE Fighters and sending Vader’s craft spinning into the vast abyss of space.

Why It’s Memorable: Depending on who you ask and how much of a hipster you are, this might actually be the biggest WTF moment in Star Wars history. It comes out of absolutely nowhere and is unexpected payoff to the tension that had been mounting during the Death Star assault.

Above all though, this is the moment that confirmed that Han Solo was indeed our favorite character in the original trilogy and that he was an iconic legend of Star Wars. The build up to this moment is subtle and we even forget about it as Luke barrels down the trench of the Death Star. Even the moment itself is a slow build as the TIE Fighters around Vader get his first and we don’t know what the hell is happening — until Han infamously yeehaw’d his way into our hearts forever.

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