We rank the 50 Biggest WTF Moments in Star Wars History

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46. Obi-Wan Speaks To Luke in the Trenches

Film: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope  

The Moment: After making his way to the trenches of the Death Star, Luke attempts to pilot his X-Wing fighter in order to get in the right position to fire his proton torpedoes and destroy the space station. All others who tried had failed and as Luke zeroed in on his target, Obi-Wan speaks to him from beyond the grave and tells him to use The Force to guide the torpedoes into the exhaust port.

Why It’s Memorable: 

There’s a few pretty awesome things about this moment, not the least of which is it’s the first time that we really hear someone utter the phrase ‘Use The Force’, which has gone down as one of the most famous lines in movie history.

It also introduced us to the idea of life beyond the galaxy we had become familiar with. Even in the prequels, there wasn’t an appearance of a force ghost or someone speaking to anyone from beyond the grave. We were still pretty beat up out seeing Obi-Wan killed by Vader at this point, and to hear him speak to Luke was a real pick-me-up, as well as evidence that Luke’s journey was far from being over.

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